Rick Melville

Rick Melville

Rick Melville

“Working at Fairway, being a mortgage planner, it’s a good fit for me to help the world.”

Rick Melville

Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas

Each client that comes in to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation of the Carolinas is like a puzzle. Credit score, length of employment, current income—these are pieces of a person’s life Rick likes to put together. “I like to solve puzzles,” Rick said, “and figuring out how to help people is the puzzle. The people I can help, I can help a lot.”

Rick is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist at Fairway Independent Mortgage of Charlotte, and without hesitating, he will tell you he loves his job. With 26 years experience in the financial industry, Rick has “heard every story and seen just about every loan.”

He recalls a purchase last year where “the wife was literally jumping up and down, she was so happy. It was their first home. It was great to be there for such a big moment in their life.” Rick remembers this closing because he was able to help the couple work through a few challenges that prevent a lot couples from considering buying a home. “Some renters, they’re nervous. They don’t know the next steps, or they don’t know if they qualify.”

At Fairway, Rick works closely with clients to find a mortgage that’s right for their individual financial plan. “We ask good questions, we listen closely, and we educate,” he explains. “You can get by with 0% down and an average credit score,” something that residents don’t always realize.

Rick, with his wife of 22 years, Michele, and his two sons Jake and Max.

“The couple from last year, we were able to say, look, let’s wait 30 days to fix these challenges, and then let’s write a contract and buy a house.” In the end, they moved into their dream home.

“Working at Fairway, being a mortgage planner, it’s a good fit for me to help the world.” Last year, Rick remembers working with a blue-collar worker from North Carolina.  “We saved him about $120 a month, and he said to me, ‘This will let me get braces for my daughter.’ That right there…” Rick paused, “that makes you feel good.”

Before Fairway, Rick owned his own mortgage company. “Had I known then what Fairway was doing—supporting loan officers, offering unparalleled customer service— I would have pulled the whole business into Fariway’s model,” he said. “This is a good fit for me, I’m good at this.” The many realtors and financial planners Rick works with agree. Here are a few of their positive comments about working with Rick.

Lorie Cox
Broker/Realtor Allen Tate

As a Broker in the Real Estate Industry, the mortgage process can be very trying at times. I was very impressed with Rick and the level of service that he provided. After our loan closed on time and even could have closed earlier, our post meeting was just as beneficial. He had some contacts that he felt I should know about and he had great ideas about growing my business. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Rick in the future!”

Leslie Salls
Realtor/Broker Coldwell Banker United

As a Real Estate Broker in the Charlotte region for over 25 years, it is critical when working with my clients and customers, that I am working with a professional mortgage lender that is an expert in his field that I can completely trust! This is exactly what I have in Rick Melville! I have worked with him for a number of years and know that when I turn my clients and customers over to him they are in great hands! Rick will walk them through the process seamlessly and get the loan closed on time! Thanks, Rick for making ME look GREAT! You are a consummate PRO!

Jim Wadsworth

Rick is a client focused loan officer. His knowledge of various loan programs is a great service to his clients. Choose Rick to get your loan closed on time with the best rates.

Bob Bunzey

My success as a real estate professional is dependent on the extended team that needs to work together to facilitate a smooth home sale and closing. Rick is a team member who I can depend on and whom I don’t hesitate to refer my clients to. I know Rick will respond quickly, knowledgeably, and professionally. I fully expect Rick to make me look good – and he does!


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