Fairway Takes A Stand For Health!

Fairway Takes A Stand For Health!


You may have heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting raises your risk of disability, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity. The average office worker spends 7.5 hours sitting each day at their desk and when people aren’t in their office, they are sitting while they are eating, driving and watching television.

Believe it or not, the negative effects of prolonged sitting can’t even be countered by brief bouts of strenuous exercise, so hitting the gym before or after work isn’t nearly as effective if you are sitting the majority of the day.

Fairway of the Carolinas has taken a healthy initiative to combat the negative effects of sitting. Branch Manager, Tom Tousignant, began the trend of a standing desk over a year ago when he ordered his adjustable standing desk. He said,

“The health benefits of standing instead of sitting were the deciding factor for me when I purchased my stand up desk. The evidence is clear that sitting all day is very detrimental to your health. Sitting leads obesity and cardiovascular problems, so if I can make a good decision for my health every day and avoid those long term problems, it’s a win.”

It’s helped Tom’s overall energy level as well. He said,

“I have a lot more energy in the afternoons when I used to hit a slump and reach for a cup of coffee. My body feels better and I am more mentally alert.”

Tom has also invested in the health of our staff by purchasing a stand up desk for anyone who is willing to take the challenge of working vertically all day. It’s been a huge success with the majority of our employees! For more information about the desks we have at Fairway, click here.



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