How to Create a DIY Statement Wall Inside Your Home

These days, everyone wants to make a statement. Whether it be on social media, a cardboard sign or a T-shirt, this is the age of expression like never before. But what about making a statement inside inside your home? While there are myriad ways to do this, one of the best — and trendiest — is through what are popularly nicknamed “statement walls.” Also known as feature walls or accent walls, these atypical walls are a great way for homeowners to show their true personality. But what exactly are statement walls and how exactly do you go about creating a statement wall inside your home? Also, what kind of statement wall might work best for you? Let’s tackle this fun topic.

Statement Walls 101

Perhaps the easiest way to define a statement wall is by explaining what it is not. A statement wall isn’t a wall with a traditional solid color that looks just like all the rest of the walls in your house. In other words, a statement wall isn’t boring. Nor does one conform to the pattern of the other walls around it. A “statement wall” is just that — a wall that makes a statement about one’s personality, interests, imagination or all the above. Good luck getting good ideas for a statement wall at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot hardware store. You aren’t likely to find any. The whole idea here is to think outside the box and dream about how you would like for a wall to look. The best news of all? You don’t have to come up with ideas all on your own. This is what we’re here for.

What a Statement Wall Can Do

Creating a statement wall inside your home doesn’t require you to be a home interior expert. In fact, you can be a novice on all things home interior and statement walls and be just fine. It’s wise to experiment with different colors, materials and patterns on your statement wall even if you don’t necessarily plan to change the foundations of the room. However, a statement wall can change the whole feel of a room — or your entire home — for the better. While it might be tempting to think a statement wall is going to stick out like a sore thumb, the opposite is usually true. Done correctly, statement walls actually add a pop of dimension, intrigue and style. And, thankfully, they don’t even have to cost you a whole lot.

Statement Wall Ideas Worth Considering

So what’s the perfect DIY statement wall for you and your home? In short, it depends on your personal taste. Arguably the easiest statement wall of all requires no more than adding some cheap molding strips in unique shapes and covering them in fresh paint. Darker colors are guaranteed to add some extra flare to almost any room in your house.

Another simple approach is painting just two-thirds or three-fourths of a wall. Sounds radical, right? With the right paint, you’ll be surprised how trendy this can actually look. For more statement wall concepts and to learn how to create one, click here and watch the DIY videos below.

Final Thoughts

Ready to create your own statement wall? There’s arguably no more enjoyable DIY weekend project than this. But even if statement walls aren’t for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fairway of the Carolinas. We’re here to answer any questions you have about homeownership, getting pre-approved or securing the perfect mortgage loan for your financial situation. So what are you waiting on? Reach out to us today, and we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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