Key factors in deciding where to live

8 key factors in deciding where to Live

8 key factors in deciding where to Live

Suppose you’re trying to decide where to live, change your neighbourhood or move to a new city. In that case, you should consider carefully several  key factors in deciding where to live because they will determine your happiness and quality of life.

Here are some key factors in deciding where to live you should consider when choosing a new home.

1. Affordability

No matter how much you’re earning, your first consideration when deciding where to live should be where you can live comfortably and within your means. Affordability isn’t only about the house rent. It also involves the price of other valuable items such as utility services, consumable goods, etc. These things vary greatly from place to place and you should consider them before making a decision.

2. Taxes (key factors in deciding where to live)

It’s important to consider the potential property taxes of the area when deciding where to live. Thus, investigate if the taxes of the previous few years in that area shows a levelling up, is declining, or on a steady climb.
If you are moving to a developing area or a revitalized neighbourhood, expect that taxes adjust as amenities are added. As the area grows, new schools, streets, and parks will increase property taxes and increase property value. Unlike, if it’s an older neighbourhood that hasn’t had a tax adjustment for a long time, expect that a revaluation of property tax could occur down the road.

3. Employment Opportunities

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have realized that having employees work from home meant they wouldn’t be spending much on operations or rent for a big office. If you’re not able to work from home, it means you’ll have to get to an office job every day, so choose a location that works better for your career.
Will you be driving? Is public transportation an option? Are trains and bus stations easy to get to? These things will eventually affect your employment, so they should be carefully considered when deciding where to live.

4. Crime Rates and Statistics (key factors in deciding where to live)

No one wants to live in an area with high crime. Research can help you know the statistics and crime rates of different regions. You can also learn more about the safety of a neighborhood or town. Google the statistics of crime by the community for the city you want to live in. Also, visit the local police stations to find out about how secure the neighborhood is and ask the locals around as well, and they will be happy to tell you what the real issues are.


Weather is another important factor many people neglect when deciding where to live. If you’re not moving too far from where you currently live, the weather may not differ from what you’re used to. You should seriously consider climate if you are moving to a different state. You don’t want to deal with the constant fear of hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes.

6. Education System

If your children are still young or you are just thinking of starting a family, choose a place with an excellent educational system as it is essential for setting a better life for children. Don’t get carried away by school rankings. Ask the local board of education to tour their schools or chat with some local parents. They’ll tell you the truth.

7. Family and Friends

If you have family and friends you need to visit regularly, you must consider that when deciding where to live. In that case choose a place within driving distance or a short distance by plane.


You’ll want to move to a place that has entertainment if you love cultural activities. These include areas where you could frequently see events like operas, concerts, sports, and musicals, etc. Do you have a favorite hobby? If so, consider choosing a place where you can continue to enjoy these interests.

Conclusion – Key factors in deciding where to live

When it comes to deciding where to live, you’ll find that a multitude of key factors in deciding where to live, as we have listed here will be competing for your attention. Your priority would be what you and your family can be most comfortable in. Do your proper research and be vigilant if you want to land the right home. This process can be frustrating at times, but all your effort would be worthwhile at the end. If you need professional advice, contact our loan officers to help you find the best housing environment. We make sure we work with the best realtors in town, and we’ll walk you through the entire process from the beginning to the end.

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