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Kendis Campbell

Reverse Mortgage Planner


NMLS# 455433

998 Riverwalk Parkway, Suite 204 and 205
Rock Hill, SC 29730


Kendis Campbell is a Reverse Mortgage Planner with over 23 years working in the financial industry. Her focus is helping pre and post-retirees maintain or improve their lifestyles by helping them to understand and utilize the retirement tools available to them.

Such as; HECM for purchase and reverse mortgages (Home Equity Conversion Mortgages). She has spent several years in the reverse space and works with Financial Planners, CPA’s, Elder Law Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Realtors and Caregivers among others to assist their clients by providing comprehensive and reliable information about how a reverse mortgage can be advantageous to helping them reach their most desirable lifestyle possible.

Kendis is a detail-oriented person and takes the time to listen to her business partners and offer solutions that meet the needs of their clients. She is easy to work with and understands the importance of taking time to educate clients and spends the time necessary to answer their questions. She takes pride in helping others achieve their dreams.

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