How To Build Your Credit Score Fast

How To Build Your Credit Score Fast

How to build your credit score fast?! There are times when it helps to have the highest possible credit score. This is especially true when refinancing your mortgage. A good credit score will not only improve your chances of having approves. It also is very crucial to helping you get the best interest rates. This means you can save more through the entire length of the loan. Having a healthy score is always tremendous, and benefits you in many ways. You might have a credit score that gives you a headache. In that case, here are a few ways to get it back up.

1. Make Frequent Payments

If you can make small regular payments (micropayments) all through the month, that can keep your card balances down. When you make multiple payments throughout the month, this boosts your credit factor utilization, significantly affecting credit scores. You can keep your utilization rate low rather than building toward a payment due date. Then, your credit score will see significant improvements.

2. Ask For Higher Credit Limits

When your credit limit goes up, but balance remains the same, this can instantly lower your overall credit utilization. Contact your card issuer to ask for a higher limit without a “hard” credit inquiry, which can drop your score temporarily by a few points. In these times of COVID-19, some issuers may be open to working with you.

3.Check Reports Early And Dispute Any Errors

The three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion send your free credit report once a year through For some people, they like to review their statements at an annual set date. But you should start to review your report regularly as the time to apply for mortgage draws closer.
Be on the lookout for any mistake, which includes payments marked late when paid on time, negative information too old to be listed, or foreign debts. These can lower your credit scored, so do everything to dispute the errors to have them removed before applying for a mortgage. Credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate and respond, so start checking as early as possible.

4. Become An Authorized User (How to build your credit score fast)

You can ask any relative or friend who has a long history of responsible credit use and a high credit limit to add you to their cards as an authorized user. You don’t necessarily have to be approved by the account holder to use the card or know the account number to benefit. This is great for people who don’t have much recent credit experience, and it can have a significant impact kicking them off. It can boost your credit file, giving you a lower credit utilization and a more extended credit history.

5. Pay Bills On Time

While it is imperative to dispute errors and have them corrected, no strategy to bump your score will work if you pay late. The reason is simple. Payment history affects credit scores the most, and late payments will continue to show on your credit reports for seven years.
Start making loan payments, which include credit cards, car loans, and student loans, early on in the life of your credit. According to, on-time payments are among the most significant factors that contribute to credit scores.

However, if you missed a payment by 30 days or more, call the creditor immediately. Arrange payment if you can and ask if the creditor can stop reporting the credit bureaus’ missed payment.
If the creditor refuses to do that, it is important to get current on the account as soon as possible. Every month your account continues to be marked delinquent; this hurts your score further. Thankfully, over time, the significance of a missed payment gradually fades away. Showing good credit behaviors after a misstep can help to offset the damage quickly.

7. Reduce Debt-to-Income Ratio (How to build your credit score fast)

If your debt level relative to income is too high, the mortgage underwriter at your bank will question your ability to make mortgage payments. Bring your monthly debt payments to at least 10% – 15% of your income, but if you can go lower, even better. Keep in mind that after getting a mortgage, your debt-to-income ratio will rise, so avoid overspending on your income by buying a larger home that you can comfortably afford.

8. Allow Time Between Other Loans and Mortgage

If you want to build your credit score fast for a mortgage, you should consider a temporary pause on your loan applications, whether a car loan, student loan refinancing or to get a new credit card. Your credit score can quickly be lowered from hard inquiries from creditors. If shopping for a mortgage is at the back of your mind, ensure all applications are made with 45 days to minimize the credit score’s impact.

Conclusion – How to build your credit score fast

Considering how important it is to your well-being, you have to do everything to ensure your credit score is as good as possible. Implementing the strategies listed here can keep you in good stead and get your credit score up no time.

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