Winterize Your Home Irrigation System

Winterize Your Home Irrigation System

Freezing temperatures are a major threat to your irrigation system.


Now that we are starting to experience the true cold temperatures of winter, itWinterize Your Home Irrigation System is important to make sure you have taken the time to prepare your sprinkler system. Proper care and maintenance will ensure you avoid the frustration of cracked pipes, ruined seals, and broken value come spring time. Any damage to an underground irrigation system is typically quite costly to repair and may result in a large area of your hard being torn up to locate the issue. Winterizing can be fairly easy to do and doesn’t require too many additional tools. To fully remove any remaining water from the system, the purge must be done using compressed air. Follow these steps to “blow out” an underground irrigation system:


  1. Turn Off the Water Supply: The main shut off point is usually located in a basement, crawlspace or buried underground in a valve box. The shut-off valve should turn easily. Protect your pipes by turning the value to the “off” position. Any parts of the system that are above ground will need to be wrapped in an insulated blanket or with foam-insulating tape or tubes.
  2. Purge the Backflow Device: For systems that run on community water, there are one of two backflow devices. If the system runs on private water, check the installation place.
  3. Drain the System: There are several ways to drain your pipes: the manual drain valve, the automatic drain valve or the compressed air blow-out methods.
  4. Program the Controller: Once you are done with the air compressor, turn all the values on the backflow prevention device to the half-open position during the winter. In addition, leave the controller plugged in as it gives off a small amount of warmth which will prevent condensation from occurring inside the device.


Don’t forget about your pets when you doing this. The purging process can be heard by both dogs and cats, who are especially sensitive to sounds outside the range of what humans can hear. It is best to keep them inside or send them to doggie daycare for the day on the day you decide to do this.

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