How to Safely Dispose of Your Holiday Tree

How to Safely Dispose of Your Holiday Tree

All the gifts are unwrapped and the cookies have been eaten, How to Safely Dispose of Your Holiday Treenow that Christmas is over it is time to determine how to best dispose of your holiday tree. Don’t wait for your tree to dry out before taking it out of your home. As trees dry out they are much more likely to be a fire hazard.

These easy-to-follow tips will help you dispose of your tree and ensure you are ready for a fresh start in the new year.

Remove decorations: Make sure you take off all tinsel, lights, ornaments and other holiday trimmings from the tree. The tree needs to be in the most natural state possible.

Remove the tree:  Consider using a large plastics tree bag, tarp or blanket to cover the tree before taking it out of your home. This helps stop needles from falling off or sap from dripping and damaging your carpet, rugs or floors.

Tree clean up: Start by sweeping up dropped needles instead vacuuming as needles can clog and harm a vacuum cleaner. In addition, inspect the floor around where the tree was for water damage and clean if found.

Know your options: Find out if the local waste management system offers curbside pickup of Christmas trees after the season. Similarly, your local recycling center may also offer free drop-off locations. Many times these centers chip and shred the tree to be used as mulch or part of soil erosion programs.

Get Creative: Finally, you can be creative and from other uses for your Christmas tree including, pond habitat, coasters, mulch or even a birdhouse.

Remember to never burn a pine tree in your fireplace or stove. Evergreens have high levels of flammable turpentine oils that may cause flare-ups and chimney fires.

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