Fireplace and Chimney Care for Your Home

Fireplace and Chimney Care for Your Home

Keep your chimney and fireplace in good working offer with these expert tips


Sitting down and relaxing in front a warming and cozy fireplace is aFireplace and Chimney Care for Your Home great place to spend time now that temperatures continuing to drop over the winter months. Attending to and maintaining your fireplace and chimney will ensure it is working in the most efficient manner possible. To fully enjoy your fireplace and reduce the risk of issues, you will want to heed the following tips.

  • Maintain your fireplace with an annual visit from a chimney sweep.
  • Use your fireplace only short-term: Fireplaces are not intended to heat your entire home. Use less than 5 hours.
  • Be watchful: Never leave a fire unattended when children are in the home.
  • Open a window in the room with the fire to prevent smoke. The air coming into the home will go up the chimney.
  • Add a non-flammable rug to the area in front of your fireplace to protect your floors or carpet.
  • Keep your interior safe: Make sure stockings, furniture and other items at least 3 feet away from the hearth and install a mesh screen to keep sparks from coming out of the fireplace.
  • Use a chimney cap to prevent water damage, to keep animals out and to keep any debris from blocking the chimney.
  • Remove ashes: Once your fire is out and the chimney has cooled use a shovel to scoop the ashes into a metal container.


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