Easy Ways to Add Awesome Curb Appeal for Fall

Easy Ways to Add Awesome Curb Appeal for Fall

Just how far can a can of black paint go? If everyone in Charlotte knew the answer to this question, many lives could be changed. As silly as it seems, one can of black paint (or 2-3 cans of spray paint) can make all the difference when it comes to preparing the outside of your house for sale or to give your home a new look in time for the fall!
Idea 1
Take a look at your mailbox. Unless you have a plastic mailbox, chances are that weather has taken a toll. Since homeowners don’t pay much attention to things on the curb, maintaining its appearance in going to be low on the list of home improvements.
If you have a metal box, these can easily be spray painted in corresponding colors with your home, but black is a pretty fair bet for making a big impact. While most wooden mailbox posts are white, you can paint them black for a sleek new look with exceptional curb appeal. For ten minutes of worth of work, you can have a mailbox that you are proud of. And, if you don’t count elbow grease into the equation, you are likely out less than a dollar!
Idea 2
Many folks will shudder at the mere suggestion of painting the shutters, but if you are armed with the correct tools, it can really be a snap. Grab your ladder and hop to it! Paint with the grain of the wood and you will have a very professional job that will take years off your house.If you are not good with heights or wish to use spray paint, an electric screwdriver can be used to take the shutters on and off in a hurry. Grab two old plastic chairs, lay the shutter across them and paint there to avoid getting your hands dirty. Lay them on an old sheet on the ground for drying. Remember to wear a mask and keep the sprayer far above the shutters when applying the paint for an even coat. When they are ready, simply rehang.

This may seem daunting, but the truth is, the task is not very difficult. For step-by-step instructions on getting the job done, see this YouTube video.


Idea 3

Paint the front door. You biggest impression is made when someone is standing at your front door, so why not give it a fresh coat of paint? Nothing is more modern than a black door and black shutters. This may take a coat or two, but will not take much time at all. Wrap your doorknobs in foil to avoid painting it. (A new wreath might not hurt either!)


Idea 4

Do you have old planters on your front porch? This time of year is excellent for capitalizing on great summer clearance deals at Home Depot or Target if you are in the market for new pots. You could be amazed at what a little spray paint can do on those old planters though. Since sprays come in every color, texture and style now, be creative!


These are some of our ideas to get you ready to get that house on the market and get ready to buy the house of your dreams. We can help you with tips and columns like this just like we can help you with your mortgage needs

If you are ready to put that home on the market and move into a new home, give us a call Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas today to see how these low rates can make big dreams come true!


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