Awesome Mortgage Feedback for Fairway of the Carolinas

Awesome Mortgage Feedback for Fairway of the Carolinas

The leaves are starting to turn just a bit and the nights are growing a little cooler, but around Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas, things just keep heating up! The Charlotte real estate market continues to rebound as we welcome new families to our region and we are always thrilled to be asked to help our clients find the perfect home loans. Nothing thrills us like hearing that people had a wonderful experience and we love sharing those with you on Fridays!

Ken Land

Around the office, Ken is a rock star, though you would never know by his humble attitude and laid back nature. It seems his clients couldn’t agree more.

Buyer Stephanie Pulliam.purchased a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina with the help of her agent, Dawn Castain, of Wilkerson and Associates. Said Land, “It was such a fun process and the Fairway Team was flawless again!  File Cleared For Closing almost 2 weeks in advance!”

Homebuyer Stephanie was thrilled. “Ken Land was amazing to work w/ for my 1st time purchasing a home. Extremely responsive & helpful from start to finish. Very easy to talk to & I felt like he was just as excited as I was in anticipation of finding the perfect home for me. I am so glad my friend recommended him to me & I will recommend him to everyone I know as well” she said.

But it’s not just buyers who sing Ken’s praises. Tonia Deligiannis of 7 Star Realty sent some great feedback recently, saying, “UNREAL!!!!! Ken, I have worked with a TON of loan officers since I have been in this biz (11 years) You have BLOWN AWAY anyone I have ever worked with.  I knew you were good closing your loans, never had a package as early as yours, but you are flippin’ amazing. I have never felt more comfortable in a deal…I am not sure what to do with myself right now, you are worrying about getting the HUD Monday the latest to our client; that’s 3 days BEFORE closing, not 3 hours or even a day, 3 days! Love it, love it!  Yip you nailed it, no babysitting going here! Thank you for making this a stress free process! Love it man, great work!”

Rick Melville

Maria Wurtzbacher shown here with Brendan and Bridget after signing their mortgage.

Brendan and Bridget O. are happy homeowners now in Charlotte, North Carolina thanks to having a great team help them including our own Rick Melville, Wendy Dickinson from Coldwell Banker United, and Scott Wurtzbacher from The W Realty Group as well as the great associates at Doyle and Wallace.  Rick says of the experience, “I am very excited we could help Brendan and Bridget complete their move from Chicago to Charlotte. Welcome!”

The O’Malleys were happy with Rick, saying,  “Thanks for getting everything done so quickly”

Listing Agent, Wendy Dickison said, “I felt well informed throughout the process and appreciated the updates.

We were thrilled to help these folks find funding for their homes. If we can help you, please contact one of our four local offices today!

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