3 Fun Ways to Celebrate The Fourth of July

Feeling patriotic? Yeah, so are we! After all, it’s almost the Fourth of July — the most patriotic of all holidays. Remember, this date marks the anniversary of when the nation that later became known as the United States of America adopted the Declaration of Independence proclaiming its separation from Great Britain. So, basically, if July 4, 1776, had never happened, our country wouldn’t be what it is today. There may not even be a United States at all. Just stop and let that sink in for a moment. With this in mind, July 4 is a great day — really, the quintessential day — to savor our freedoms as Americans. Up next are three ways to celebrate the Fourth of July.

1. Have a cookout

With the weather warm and the skies on July 4 hopefully a pure Carolina blue, why not fire up the ole’ grill? There’s hardly anything more American than getting together with friends and family to partake of some delicious food. Along with the traditional burgers, hotdogs and, perhaps, steaks, you have other great options as well. For links to some recipes, check out this blog we shared on Memorial Day weekend. Just remember: If you overeat, show yourself a little mercy. It’s a holiday, remember?

2. Go to a parade

Sadly, virtually all Fourth of July parades were cancelled last year because of COVID-19. But with the pandemic now fading into the distance, there are plenty of parades happening all around the country this Fourth of July weekend. In fact, a fun one is taking place in Harrisburg — a quaint suburb northeast of Charlotte. For more on this event, click here.

3. Watch the fireworks

OK, this one is a no-brainer, right? For heaven’s sake, if you don’t do anything this Fourth of July, go take in some fireworks. Not only are fireworks colorful and borderline breathtaking, but they are a patriotic display like no other. Grab a lawn chair and a cold drink and watch some fireworks — even if it’s just from your backyard. If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are plenty of places around Charlotte where you can enjoy fireworks free of charge. Here’s a rather lengthy list.

Final Thought

Now that we’ve reminded you of some ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, you might as well go live large. With the Fourth falling on Sunday this year, it makes for a nice, long weekend, which is even better. Once you’re done with all the festivities — or even before — be sure to contact us with any questions you might have about mortgages, the homebuying process or refinancing. There has never been a better time to buy or refinance, and we can’t wait to guide you on this exciting journey!

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