Fairway of the Carolinas, Second Harvest Food Bank Team Up to Feed the Hungry

Fairway team volunteers and second harvest food bank

As a home mortgage lender, Fairway of the Carolinas has built a reputation around being tremendously helpful to people pursuing their dreams of homeownership. But the local Fairway branch does so much more than equip potential homebuyers with the loans they need to move forward. We’re all about making a difference in local communities. It always has been and always will be part of our mission. And this spirit of giving back was on display yet again this past Friday when Fairway of the Carolinas participated in a food drive.

What happened

Teaming up with Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, seven Fairway of the Carolinas team members volunteered three hours of their time inspecting and organizing food. This involved looking over each food item and placing it in the correct bin. In total, the Fairway team inspected and organized close to 200 boxes of food.

“Volunteering at Second Harvest was a great time and a great way to give back to the community and spend time with co-workers,” Fairway of the Carolinas Marketing Coordinator Jordan Youngdahl said.

The team looks for opportunities to serve others as often as possible. 

“Volunteering is a gift,” Loan Officer Melanie Bundy said. “Second Harvest is changing lives and blessing others. The opportunity to be a part of the change is important. Individually, we are small, but together, we are mighty!” 

Making an impact

Founded in 1981, Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina (otherwise known as SHMETROLINA), provides food for over 800 partner agencies. The goal is to eliminate hunger by the solicitation and distribution of food. SHMETROLINA annually distributes over 70 million pounds of food and other household items throughout 24 counties, including 14 in North Carolina. Forty-two million pounds of its annual distribution is fresh produce, meat and dairy. Nearly 15 percent of the organization’s service area population, over 553,000 people, lives in poverty. This includes nearly 182,000 children and almost 48,000 seniors. 

To learn more about Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina and its tremendous impact, watch this short video.

The wrap

Friday’s food drive wasn’t the first time Fairway of the Carolinas has joined forces with Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina in recent years. In 2019, we collected 804 food items for the food bank. Last year, we donated $2,310 to the bank. One dollar equals seven pounds of food that Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina can purchase for people in the Charlotte and metro Charlotte area.

Of course, Fairway of the Carolinas’ impact on communities doesn’t stop with food drives. Just last month, Fairway of the Carolinas held a blood drive where 15 people donated one unit of blood and Branch Manager Ken Land donated two units. These 16 blood products were enough to help up to 48 local hospital patients. To learn more about this event, click here. And to meet our team, visit the Fairway of the Carolinas website.

Below is a photo from Friday’s food drive.

The team inside second harvest getting prepared for the food drive

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