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Fairway closes challenging home loan! At Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas we close hundreds of home loans each month. Some loans can be more challenging than others but we are committed to serve and create an amazing experience for our homebuyers as they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. That hard work does pay off when we get our homebuyers to the closing table. Here are some happy families that achieved the goal of being a proud homeowner.

Successful Home Stories

Jim & Elle’s Home Loan Story

Melanie Bundy helped Jim & Elle C. who who were relocating from New York down to the North Carolina for a quieter & warmer life. They looked at multiple homes but fell in love with a beautiful manufactured home with over 13 acres. They had to navigate many obstacles but with the help of their Realtor, they were able to get in their retirement dream home and save a ton of money due to some master negotiating. Thank you to Michelle Wilkinson with Keller Williams Southpark and Rita Abee with Western Carolinas Homes for helping close this transaction!

“Thank you for all you help and support. I know we hit a couple of bumps in the road but you managed to get us through and we really appreciate it.”

Elle C.


Jim & Elle’s 13 acre home!

Diego & Marilyn’s Home Loan Story

Trevor Higgins helped Diego and Marilyn A. who had been denied by another lender for supporting their twins due to medical issues but they were sick of their rent increasing and they were ready to purchase a home. After a few hiccups Trevor and his team got the loan process started and the family closed on their new home! Fairway closes another challenging home loan! Thank you to Christina Salyer with Keller Williams, Maria Christina Walter with Southern Homes of the Carolinas, and (Attorney) for helping close this transaction!

“I’ve never met such a dedicated person in my life!! My family and I are forever grateful to Trevor and his team who made the impossible possible for us. Some ppl do what they do for money other’s do it because they truly care and truly want to help ppl and Trevor and his team are in that group of people that truly cares.. He’s a champion at what he does🙏🙏🙏”

Diego A.


Diego & Maria’s family in front of their new home!

Conclusion & Questions

We are so thankful we get to serve so many amazing families and help get them into their dream homes!

Have you purchased a home and had a wonderful experience? Share your home loan story in the comments, we would love to hear about it! 

Are you hoping to purchase a home soon? Share some steps you are taking to prepare for the big decision so you can help others! 

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