Essential Tools For New Homeowners

essential tools for new homeowners

It’s a big deal to buy your first home and transition from renter to homeowner. Now, when maintenance issues arise, you don’t have to wait on a landlord. And that means you need to be ready and prepared for problems that will come up. So, here are 10 essential tools for new homeowners to be prepared for when the first unexpected issue arises.


What’s a toolbox without a hammer? Thankfully, hammers aren’t that costly. You could get one at the hardware store for 5 or 10 bucks. Whether you are handing your favorite pictures or doing other decorative work, a hammer is essential.

2.Ladder is the second on essential tools for new homeowners list

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a ladder. For example, an aluminium extension ladder would do fine for the most basic uses. This ladder can hang things in high places, clean the gutter, and paint high home areas. Every homeowner needs a ladder to carry out property maintenance and repairs.


Pliers are part of the essential tools for new homeowners. They come in different shapes & sizes depending on the use. But you can cover your bases with a three or five-piece plier set. Pliers can be used to grip, pull, cut, and do more while working on projects around your new home. You will find a pair of slip joint pliers, needle-nose pliers, an adjustable wrench, diagonal pliers, and groove joint pliers in a five-piece set.

4.Cordless Drill as essential tools for new homeowners

The cordless electric drill is another tool that you would love to have, unlike other drill types. It is easier to use as it can be moved around easily working with charged batteries. However, the battery can run out while you are in the middle of an activity. So, keep an extra battery by the side. The cordless drill is useful for many DIY projects. It can cost around $100 to $500 for suitable models.

5.Screwdrivers as essential tools for new homeowners

Screwdrivers are of different varieties. And it will do you a world of good to have several different types and sizes. You don’t have to shell out a lot to get screwdrivers. So, buying one shouldn’t be a problem. For starters, the best are medium-sized flathead ad Phillips head screwdrivers. Some screwdrivers have interchangeable heads, which can make working with screws of different types easy. Don’t forget to put them on your essential tools for new homeowners list.

6.Tape Measure

For a tape measure, get one that is up to 25 feet long for your essential tools for new homeowners list. This will let you avoid the problems of having a tape can’t do the job as well and with much accuracy. Different home tasks require other tape measures. So, ensure what your kind of task needs. Also, they are inexpensive as you can pick one up for about $5.


It can be tricky with levels as some are quite fancy but costly as essential tools for new homeowners. Generally, the standard type of level will do for the first-time homebuyer. Although, it’s still good to get at least two sizes. A small and a big one. Basic levels cost around $10 each. But, if you wish to save some money, you can download a free app as a level.

8.Stud Finders

Most first-time homebuyers are always excited at the options available to decorate their homes. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to hand objects on their new walls without ever having to worry about sacrificing their deposit. However, they also want to preserve the integrity of these new walls. So, if you’re going to hand objects without causing much damage, it would be good to locate the stud behind the wall or use anchors. You’ll find a stud finder comes in handy here. For $5, you can quickly get a basic magnetic stud finder or opt for a digital version that costs up to $80.

9.Screws, Nails, and more as essential tools for new homeowners

For most of the projects you’ll be working on, you’ll likely need nails, screws, and more. For $10 or less, you can pick up a few of these items.

10.A Go-To Handyman ResourceB

If you can’t fully vouch for your DIY abilities or you won’t be able to pick the items on your list of essential tools for new homeowners right away, it would do you a world of good to find a reliable handyman. So, get your friends and family to recommend a great one they know. Let’s avoid having to scramble when you are trying to get something fixed right away

Conclusion – Essential Tools For New Homeowners

If you are still not entirely about what tools to get as enter the world home DIY renovations, keep in mind that you can consult experts at your local hardware store.

You can also try to ask for these essential tools for new homeowners, as house warming, birthday, or holiday gifts from friends and family. When you have these tools stocked up, you can rest assured of tackling any basic DIY project that crops up.

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