Easy DIY Crafts for Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is a joyous and festive time for people of all ages. Whether you’re pumped about Sunday church services, excited about a special visit from the world’s most famous bunny, or eager to devour grandma’s homemade peanut butter eggs, most everyone has a reason to smile. Plus, Easter is the unofficial kickoff to spring and warmer weather. Who isn’t ready to ditch their winter longhandles for a T-shirt and pair of shorts? On top of all this, Easter weekend is a terrific time to tap into your creative side. At little or no cost. Check out the following DIY Easter weekend crafts that are fun, easy, inexpensive and perfect for such a festive occasion.     

1. Rabbit Ears

Good luck finding a more practical or lighthearted DIY Easter weekend craft than this. All you need to make your rabbit ears a reality are some spatulas or big wooden spoons, some felt fabric and a little paint. Then go to town and let your imagination run wild. You and the kids can try creating bunny ears that are artsy enough for you to share on Facebook or Instagram but cute enough to give everyone in the house — and maybe even your next-door-neighbors — a good laugh.

2. An Easter Wreath

OK, we’re not talking about a traditional-type wreath you’ll find at your local Walmart or Target. No, we’re talking about crafting a colorful — yes, even decorative — Easter wreath from sticky notes and cardboard. Think we’re kidding? Think again. This is one of the simplest and family-friendly DIY weekend projects you’ll ever find. Perhaps the best news is that you likely already have your sticky notes and cardboard on hand. So, it’s doubtful you’ll even need to purchase materials. To learn more and watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your unique Easter wreath, click here

3. Easter Egg Balloons

Who celebrates any special occasion without balloons? Easter, of course, should be no exception. For this one, you’ll need nine- or 11-inch latex balloons, a balloon time helium tank, paint (and a paintbrush), string or ribbon, and clear shipping tape. The basic idea here is to paint Easter egg designs on the balloons. Here’s a guide to building some unforgettable Easter egg balloons.

For other DIY Easter weekend crafts you might want to pursue, watch the videos below or click here or here.

Wrapping It Up

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