Mortgage Planners That Help With Home Buying Hurdles

Mortgage Planners That Help With Home Buying Hurdles

Borrowers may not see home mortgage rates as low as they were at the end of 2012, but current rates are still incredibly low and, in fact, are lower than they were a year ago. According to Realtor Magazine, “factors such as student debt, strict lending standards, and lost equity” have been labeled the leading culprits slowing down the housing recovery. With a hot real estate market and low rates, the time to invest in your future is NOW!

Certainly most buyers face challenges when buying a home. Whether your concerns are over your credit, savings or your plan to afford the right home, our mortgage planners are here to sit down with you and discuss all the variables to work out a plan that is right for you. It is common for young homebuyers to feel stress when considering buying their first home or current homeowners to worry about selling their current home to buy another, so don’t shy away simply because you aren’t sure of the road ahead. Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas has been helping people just like you for years and we always take care of our customers.

If you have been quietly looking for homes online or if you are already thinking about talking to a Realtor, there is no better time to contact us. Let’s put a plan in place that inches you closer to that home of your dreams. Maybe you are ready now or perhaps we will need to work to get you ready in six months, but take the first step by calling today. One of our mortgage planners will pull your credit, sit down and answer every question you have and create the perfect plan customized just for your goals. We have multiple locations in across the Carolinas to make meeting convenient, or simply fill out our online application to get started.

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