How to Build a Theft-Free Mailbox

mailbox outside of a home - build theft-free mailbox

Have you ever felt nervous about a thief stealing your mail? You’re certainly not alone. Nor are you lacking good reason to be concerned about mailbox theft.

During the reporting period from October 2019 through September 2020, Office of Inspector General special agents with the U.S. Postal Service conducted 1,221 internal mail theft investigations. The result was 333 arrests, 1,000 administrative actions and approximately $588,000 in monetary benefit for the Postal Service.

In this age where mailbox theft—and theft in general—is more rampant than ever, it’s a bad idea to assume anything when it comes to your mail. At the moment you think there’s nothing to worry about, that’s when a thief could easily swoop in and steal the check, credit card or gift you’ve been patiently looking forward to receiving in the mail.

So how can you stop mailbox theft? In reality, it’s a lot easier than you think. With a fairly simply DIY weekend project, you can forever put your mind at ease. By pursuing one of the following options, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your mail is safe and secure.

Option 1. Build an “On The Fly…DIY” Porch Pirate Proof Mailbox

Watch the short video below for a quick but detailed tutorial on how to build a theft-proof mailbox for your largest packages.

Option 2. Check out this DIY mailbox website

Can you believe there’s actually a website dedicated exclusively to building DIY mailboxes? This article on the website is great. Here, you get to choose from one of four basic options for building a DIY mailbox. Under each option, see specific details on how to install in true DIY fashion. Click here and here for sample instructions.

In Conclusion

If you’ve recently experienced mailbox theft but you’re not quite ready to build your own DIY mailbox, you should at least report the crime. Here is where you can easily do that. 

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