Hungry? Here are Three Great Foods to Grill Up This Holiday Weekend

Ready to start grilling foods? This weekend marks the unofficial kickoff of summer, even if summer doesn’t officially arrive until June 20. Nevertheless, with a three-day weekend at hand and warm, dry weather expected for the Carolinas, it’s a great time to throw some culinary delights on the grill, chow down with friends and family, and make a memory or two. Sound like a plan? Up next are three foods that are perfect for any Memorial Day weekend cookout.


Simple enough, right? Who hosts a Memorial Day weekend gathering without serving up the obligatory burgers on the grill? If you have a full-fledged cookout and invite neighbors and friends to your house, just do them a favor and have some gluten-free options available just in case. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of burger toppings. These would include onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, pickles and a variety of sauces. Of course, if it’s just you and the family grilling out, you can keep it as simple as you wish!

Chicken Wings

There’s no way we could leave this one out. Who needs Buffalo Wild Wings when you’ve got chef Johnny Bob (or whatever your name happens to be) serving up delicious wings from the backyard grill? The key here is taking your time and making sure they are fully cooked. Perhaps this recipe from the Food Network will help you get started.


You didn’t think we were going to skip the steaks, did you? After all, no cookout or backyard barbecue is complete without juicy Ribeyes hot off the grill. Heck, maybe even grill up some T-bones or Black Angus while you’re at it. The point is here to have fun with family and friends, so don’t worry about making the steaks (or any of the food) some kind of award-winning dish. Just do your best and enjoy them. Here’s a recipe you might want to check out before you crank up the grill.

Of course, these are only your most basic grilling options for this Memorial Day weekend. In the videos below, check out some other ideas  that are a bit more creative  on grilling foods.

Final Thoughts

Now for a word about what Memorial Day weekend really means. Before firing up the grill or doing anything else, be sure to remember the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms as Americans. To these folks, we at Fairway of the Carolinas owe a great amount of debt and gratitude. And we always will. So will you. Whether it’s hanging an American flag in the front yard or humming the tune of a patriotic song, take a moment over the next few days to honor the memory of our nation’s finest heroes. They deserve this and so much more.

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