Fairway Mortgage Salutes Charlotte Military and Veterans

Fairway Mortgage Salutes Charlotte Military and Veterans








When it comes to describing the outstanding men and women who bravely fight for the freedoms that every American enjoy, it is difficult to express how much each active duty soldier and veteran mean to us all. Each day, they face enemies and danger beyond imagination to ensure that our country remains safe. And for those who have fought and returned, they survive with the memories of things they cannot forget.

It’s hard to know the right ways to thank veterans for what they have sacrificed. As a country, we need to make sure that we always protect them in the same way they protected us. From jobs when they return home to healthcare, we need to honor their service more than just one day a year.  We need to always have their backs the way they have had ours. For our company, that means focusing on finding the best VA home loans we can and taking extremely good care of any military person who comes through our doors.

Because a 22-year veteran of the Air Force owns our branch, our commitment to servicemen and women may seem a little extreme, but we would argue that it should be every citizen’s duty to make the best life possible for those who fight for our freedom. And when we heard about the Charlotte Checker’s Military Appreciation Night, it was the perfect way for Fairway Mortgage to be able to reach out and help send military families on a night out while having the opportunity to thank them in person.

Our whole crew (and all our families) came out to cheer on the Checkers and cheer on the USO last Friday night at Time Warner Cable Arena. Dressed in our army boots and ready to cheer on our hockey team, Fairway Mortgage loved being able to be a part of this special night!

Not exactly the jet Tom is used to flying!

What makes Fairway Mortgage THE best place in Charlotte and the Carolinas for a VA home loan? We boast many loan officers who are Military Housing Specialists! What does that mean? We know VA loans inside and out and we know how to save you the most money.

For those in the market for a new home loan or to refinance a current home loan- know that the team at Fairway Mortgage understands the perfect path toward saving you money! Take this feedback from Mortgage Planner, Kim Venable, about her recent VA loan refinancing, for example.

“This couple had a regular conventional loan and were interested in a lower interest rate, but needed a high loan to value to refinance.  Most loans require monthly mortgage insurance if the loan to value is over a certain amount. However, we were able to refinance their loan under a VA Loan with NO MORTGAGE insurance. The Williams were unaware that his VA Certificate of Eligibility could be used and we were able to save them on their monthly payments!!!”

Today and everyday, we celebrate those who protect and serve this country and if helping a veteran with a home loan in the Carolinas is the best way we can thank them, consider it our honor to do so. From all of us at Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas (and Chubby too!) we salute you and wish you a HAPPY VETERANS DAY!










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