Kim Venable, Fairway of the Carolinas Mortgage Planner

Kim Venable, Fairway of the Carolinas Mortgage Planner

Senior Mortgage Planner
Fairway Independent Mortgage, Charlotte

Kim Venable

“Interacting with the people is my favorite part of this job”

Be goal oriented. According to Kim Venable, Sr. Mortgage Planner at Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas, this is an attribute every mortgage consultant should have. “Each client that comes to you has a financial purpose. It is my goal to ensure the proper financing is in place, and prepare well for an enjoyable closing experience.

With her partner, and best friend, Jenny Stoner, Kim helps residents incorporate a mortgage into their financial plan. “Whether it is to purchase the home of their dreams, restructure a loan on their current home, or plan for additional savings, we are here to help.  We try to identify the client’s most important goals,” said Kim.

Kim can identify clients’ goals because she speaks with them in detail. “I try to meet all my clients in person after initial loan application to confirm their goals are being met. It’s hard to get the full story over the telephone. It’s impossible to get the full story from an online internet application only. To understand the client’s story and goals, you just really have to sit down and talk about the whys.

Kim and Jenny started as loan processors, so they understand not just loans, but the importance of having all of the right paperwork. Every detail on the application must have documentation. “For instance,” explained Kim, “If you say ‘I’ve lived at my house for three years,’ do your income documents show that same address for the past three years?” Answering questions and acquiring documentation is important, because, “When the loan application gets to the underwriter,” said Kim, “they are looking at a complete package which makes for a seamless closing.”

The Stoner-Venable team has so much success with clients because they work so well together. “I remember when we started working, Jenny said, ‘I’m not sure if this is for me,’ but I knew immediately that the mortgage industry was just perfect for her too!” Kim said, with a smile.

We’ve been partners for years, and you can’t really do that with just anybody. A partnership that has lasted so long has to be with someone you trust and with someone who does business like you do. Our families are very important to us so our partnership allows us to keep our lives in balance.

Both Kim and Jenny strive to be honest with their clients, proving to be trustworthy and loyal mortgage consultants. Said Kim, “We share the same goal; when clients walk away they feel good about what they’ve accomplished.” Kim adds the process at Fairway is incredible. “The processing team knows how hard we work to help clients, how important a successful loan closing is for all, and they show the same importance in the client experience by processing loans quickly and efficiently.”

I think interacting with the people is my favorite part of this job,” Kim concluded, “Clients leave so happy, and you know you’ve done a good job and you’ve done something great for that family,” said Kim.

Realtors and financial professionals of Charlotte know that Kim is an excellent mortgage consultant, many with glowing reviews of her performance.

 Jamie Leggett
Broker, Keller Williams Realty Union County

I met Kim thru my buyer clients and was hesitant since I had not worked with her before in a transaction. The purchase transaction for the buyer was a short-sale situation. Kim kept me informed throughout the loan process! Communication is so important in real estate transactions. Kim proved to be tops in her profession! Thank you Kim for going above and beyond what is required of you! I would be honored to work with you anytime.

Kristen Haynes
President, New Home Buyers Brokers, Inc.

My clients have hired Kim as their Mortgage Loan Officer on many occasions, due to our recommendation. She is a real go-getter- she never leaves you in the dark and stays in touch with them, ans us, on a constant basis while the loans are going from appliaction to closing. I have had many tough deals that others coudl not close, that she slogged through and closed. She is WONDERFUL to work with- knowledgeable and personable- my clients and I love working with her!




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