Jenny Stoner, Fairway of the Carolinas Mortgage Planner

Jenny Stoner, Fairway of the Carolinas Mortgage Planner

Senior Mortgage Planner
Fairway Independent Mortgage, Charlotte

“This job fits my personality”

Imagine going to work everyday knowing that you will help Charlotte area residents finance the home of their dreams. Add to that you will work alongside your best friend. Plus, you will have time to spend with your family. If that all sounds too good to be true, meet Jenny Stoner, Loan Officer at Fairway Mortgage!

As a loan officer, Jenny works with residents, helping them incorporate a mortgage into their financial plan. “Working at Fairway gives me a great outlet for socialization and  I’m a social butterfly!” Jenny says, in a warm tone. “This job fits my personality.”

Working with her partner—and best friend—Kim Venable, Jenny does much of the networking to find residents looking for a mortgage or to refinance their current home loan. “I love to get on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, I love all of that,” she says, “and I love connecting with people from my church and fellow parents from school.” She also spends time collaborating with local realtors and financial planners, and has successfully generated a considerable sphere of influence.

After Jenny introduces clients to Fairway, Kim will guide them, step-by-step throughout the process. “We’ve been working together since the 90’s,” said Jenny, “and our strengths work well together.” She added that one reason they make such a great team is that they both have young children, and like working the same type of schedule.

Jenny Stoner with partner, and best friend, Kim Venable.

Having previously worked in a large bank, Jenny explained that big institutions cause three common challenges for clients trying to obtain a loan. “The frustration I hear from clients when they’ve dealt with other places is, ‘nobody will call me back,’ ‘it took somebody forever to get an answer for me,’ or ‘they told me at the last minute that I need more documentation.’”

Together, Kim and Jenny have structured their business process to allow for a quicker and smoother loan transaction. They ask clients to gather bank statement, W2’s, and other information before giving the loan over to processing. When all this information is gathered upfront, clients don’t have to worry about obtaining it under a processing deadline.

It’s the other little things that don’t get answered, that’s what’s frustrating for clients. For example, they may ask ‘what if we put a 10% down payment over 5%, how would that affect our payment,’ or ‘what if we did no mortgage insurance over mortgage insurance?’ It’s frustrating to have to wait three or four days to get an answer.”

Jenny with her husband of 10 year, Mark, and their 6 year old son, Nathan.

At Fairway, questions and inquiries are answered right away. “We prep clients from the very beginning, and explain how the industry works, why processes are in place, and that this process is going to be a little bit of work.” But, by communicating with clients quickly and honestly, Jenny explained that the process goes much smoother and clients have a much better experience.

You know what,” Jenny said, “I’ve been in this business a long time and Fairway has the best process in place of any company I’ve ever seen. Fairway follows all of the new regulations without compromising the client experience.”  Additonally, Fairway regularly reviews their processes to see where improvements can be made. “Hands down, the best operations team I have ever worked with!” she said, explaining that the processing team begins the day loans are turned in.

Jenny’s success with client’s is known among the professionals she collaborates with. Here are some of their positive comments:

Roger Berrey
Broker RE/MAX Metro Realty
“Jenny has came through with amazing service for my clients 100% of the time! She is an expert in her field and I will continue to use her as a huge asset to my business!”
Shirley Wheeler
Realtor, Helen Adams Realty
“What else can I say… Jenny Stoner is amazing! She has been the mortgage planner for several of my real estate buyer’s and is excellent with follow-up and communication. She is very professional yet extremely friendly and approachable. With an eye for detail, Jenny keeps all parties involved in the transaction up to date with the status of the client’s mortgage so there are never any last minute ‘surprises’. I highly recommend Jenny Stoner!”
Mitch Becker
Real Estate Broker, Becker Group Reality
“We want to tell you Jenny is one of the best in the mortgage business.We could go on and on about what makes her so special but just not enough space. Denise, Mitch, and the entire Becker Group Team highly recommend Jenny and Fairway for your next mortgage.”
James Hixon
IT Architect, TIAA-CREF
“As a repeat customer for mortgage services, we have been extremely happy with Jenny. She always goes out of the way to provide quick service and closings. She takes initiative to come up with a few plans to consider, and helps you understands the advantages/ disadvantages of each.”


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