Charlotte Realtor Real Estate Review

Charlotte Realtor Real Estate Review

There are many decisions consumers make when buying or selling a home, such as when will be the right time to move and which loan is best for your financial goals. Even though long-term home mortgage loan interest rates are higher than the record lows seen in 2012, they still remain below historical levels and have been in a holding pattern for all of 2014. Freddie Mac announced that 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.41% in the week ending April 3, up from 4.4% last week. A 15-year fix averaged 3.47% this week, up from 3.42%. A one-year adjustable-rate averaged 2.4%, up from 2.44%.

It is important for buyers to understand their options. SouthPark Branch Manager, Jeff Gilmore, analyzed 30-year fixed-rate mortgages for our blog today. Most analysts believe that interest rates will be .75%-1% higher this time next year so it is important to understand the massive impact that interest rates have on buying power and deciding when the best time is to buy and sell.

Prior to the most recent financial breakdown, mortgage interest rates hovered around 5.75%-6.5% (in the first photograph, the red line shows the moment the financial markets collapsed). Due to government stimulus, interest rates were soaring downward and kept going down until early 2012 when the real estate market started to pick back up. Since the market has turned and buyers are buying and sellers are selling, interest rates are starting to slowly rise again. As our economy picks up, the government will continue to pull back on the stimulus money, which will drive rates back up to where analysts believe will be around the 6% mark.

It is critical to understand the differences in mortgage payments at different interest rates. Jeff Gilmore explains, “on a 300k loan at a rate of 6% vs. the same at 4.5%, the monthly payment difference is $278.59 a month, which is $3,343.08 per year. Over a 30 year fixed-rate home mortgage loan, that is $100,282.40!” Jeff continued, “it is important to educate people that money should be used for much more important things like funding college education, saving for retirement, or even buying an investment property or a second home, instead of wasting it on mortgage payments that could have and should have been lower.”

Homebuyers need to understand all of their options to make a decision that best fits their financial and lifestyle needs.

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